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Community service is crucial for people of all ages. Community service activities help children define their values, experience empathy, develop social skills, and learn about their community. To grow, a person needs to step outside of their own life and do something that benefits others. Community service provides individuals with a feeling of accomplishment and expands their knowledge in various fields by volunteering time and money. A person who desires growth must first understand the importance of community service before finding out how to go about it. Considering its importance, MJCE held community service program for old age people of Anand Ashram. Senior citizens from this Ashram were invited at Panvel campus. They participated in various fun games including danced to the tune of the melodius music. Some of them even volunteered for singing and also enlightened us with their life experiences. They day ended with contentment in the heart, smiles on their face and twinkle in their eyes and lots of blessings.