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Onam Celebration 2023

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Onam Day celebration at Mahatma Junior college of Education is a delightful fusion of tradition, culture, and youthful exuberance. While it may not match the grandeur of the celebrations in Kerala, it carries the spirit and essence of the festival to college campuses.

The festivities at Mahatma Junior college of Education began with the creation of a beautiful Pookalam at the entrance, a collaborative effort by students. The vibrant floral design not only added a touch of Kerala’s cultural charm but also symbolizes unity and creativity.

Cultural programs took the center stage with students performing traditional dances which infused the atmosphere of Mahatma Junior college of Education with color and energy, creating a sense of community and cultural pride.

Onam celebration is one such day when students from different backgrounds and regions came together to embrace the culture and traditions of Kerala, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for India’s diverse heritage.